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Our Products

We offer high quality and full turnkey service on PCB and PCB Assembly. With competitive cost and high repucation on electronic field,Consons has been working with over 2,000 customers in overseas and domestic china. We can offer bare pcb in 10,000 sq.m. and over 100kpcs of PCBA boards montly.

We can also help you in urgent order as fast as 3- 5 days on prototypes.

Quality Assurance

We have over 20 QC technicians conducting piece-by-piece double testing through flying probe and fixture etesting on bare pcb.100% AOI,X-Ray,ICT and functional testing on PCBA Boards. All the goods will be well packaged with anti-static materials in forth inspection before shipment. Four inspection stages occur during production and a final test process is a assurance to achieve high quality requirement.

Customer Service

Top sales with professional skills make you never feel difficult to communicate with a factory. All of Consons’s Sales team have fluently english-speaking and years’ of PCB and PCBA knowledgy,we will stand by you,reply your inquiry and answer your technical questions within 24 hours.


Contact: Jenny Chen

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