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PCBA Capability


1. Strong Engineering Capability on PCB, Components, SMT, PCB Design.

2. Capable to offer you solution on Components Replacement and low cost.

3. IC Programming and functional Testing, making testing fixture in-house.

4. Strict Quality control on manufacturing.

5. Fully Automatic SMT Stencil Printer: FolunGwin Win-5

Consons provides printed circuit board manufacturing services in addition to PCB assembly with superior quality and a cost-effective price. We are capable of meeting the ever-increasing demands of customers, from fabricating a single board, to a small quantity of prototypes, to a high-volume production requirement by using all types of materials and modern technologies. We are capable of manufacturing single, double-sided, multi-layer and flex PCBs to the customer's specifications.


Contact: Jenny Chen/ Annie Luo

Phone: 13828825807

Tel: +86-755-86219180/81


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