Consons Electronic Technology Limited is a joint venture corporation, providing

one-stop EMS services for electronic products including PCB manufacturing,PCB Assembly,

testing, molding,final assembly and package, etc.
Consons can offer you customized design service according to your demands. We have rich

experiences in developing electronic control system, industry and custom power supply, Led solutions,

gas detectors, medical devices and other consumer electronics.
We can offer the bare pcb up to 20 layers and also we have owned 4 SMT production lines and 2 Dip

production lines,which occupies an area of more than 3,000 square meters. Strictly following

ISO 9001:2015 principles, our 300 employees including senior engineers with ten-year experience,

are well prepared to serve you for OEM/ODM projects.

Our R&D and manufacturing services have good reputation on electronic fields. Over 70 percent of our products

are currently exported worldwide, benefiting customers from Western Europe, North America and Australia.
We have no MOQ requirement and reasonable initial sample cost. It generally takes us 2-3 weeks to fulfill

your requirements from PCBA sample  to mass production. Our sales team can quickly reply to your e-mails

within two hours and your quotations in two working days.
For detailed information on our product range and services, contact us today.

ISO9001:2015 Certificate

Production Capability
* Factory: 20000 Jobs/Month
* SMT: 200 Million Points/Month
* AIM: 50 Million Points/Month
SMT: 5 complete SMT lines comprised of the following key machines: 
* High-speed SMT Machine: Panasonic (6pcs), FUJI (9pcs), JUKI (10pcs)
* Auto & Half-semi paste printer: Panasonic SpP-G1, SEM-668G2, KFA-1068, SP3325
* Lead-free reflow soldering machine: NOUSSTAR, Techwin, KINCE (6pcs in total)
* Paste glue machine: GL-II (4pcs), GL-V (1pcs)
* Lead free wave soldering machine: Chang Rong TWL-300CSNP
* ICT: JET-300NT (6pcs)
* AOI: M22X-350 (2pcs)
DIP: 2 Dip Lines
* IC Programmer
* Functional Testers
* Parametric Test Sets
* Environmental Stress Test Systems
* RF/Microwave/Optical Test Systems 
Think of us as an outsourced extension of your engineering and manufacturing departments, Consons does it all - taking end to end responsibility -
from PC board making to prototypes, parts procurement, assembly, testing, packaging and shipping from our state-of-the-art facility.

Exhibitions Information:

HK Electronic Fair:
Date: Oct 13-16th, 2017
HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth No.: 5E-F08
China Sourcing Fair:
Date: April 12-15th, 2016
Asia World-Expo, HongKong
Booth No.: 11J16
HK Electronic Fair:
Date: April 13-16th, 2016
HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth No.: CHC013
China Sourcing Fair:
Date: Oct 12-15th, 2015
Asia World-Expo, HongKong
Booth No.: 11L18
HK Electronic Fair:
Date: Oct 12-15th, 2015
HongKong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth No.: CHC04
2009 IFA-Berlin Germany:
Date: Sep 4-6th, 2014
Booth No.: Hall26A-9602

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